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 Genso Clan -DONE-

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PostSubject: Genso Clan -DONE-   Tue Nov 17, 2009 10:43 pm

Clan Info

Clan Name Genso

Clan History:
About 300 years ago a group of ten ninja, nine who specialized in different elements and one who specialized in hand to hand combat, came together and formed a group; they named themselves “The Genso” literally meaning ‘The element’. After many years of training and doing missions together, many of them had begun to think of themselves not as a team but as a family and went from being a team to a clan. After many years the ‘family’ grew larger. After many generations of experimentation the Gensko clan was able to further their power granting them the ability to age slower and bring other that are not from their family into their clan. As the years went by the ‘main branch’ of the clan began to die down. On member of the clan was out traveling and came across an old hut with a mysterious old man sitting in the front, as the clan member walked by the strange man spoke, “You wish to save your clan from extinction do you not?” the clan member nodded and responded with a simple yes. The strange man smiled, “well I can grant your wish…but it will come at a price” the clan member didn’t care he jumped up in the air and screamed ‘yes! Oh please save them ill pay any price!’ The strange man smiled “then your wish will be granted…” with that the clan members eyes flashed to what looked like that of a serpent’s eye just before he began to decay. ‘t-thank y-you’ the clan member was able to say before h turned to dust and blew away with the wind. After a while the other clan members began to feel changes with their powers, the main branch members were able to access a new power but it came at a price; most members of the clan realized how most of their family members began dying at a very young age, well other members continued to live there extend life like nothing has change. As years went by the members of the clan began having children at a younger age, though none realized it the clan member who gave his life away had his wish was granted, though many of the clan members began to die earlier and earlier…..the clan would never die out. It’s been over five hundred years since then man gave his life away for his family, and yet the clan still lives strong. Even if only a few members of the clan are still alive, However even if the main branch has begun to get smaller and smaller the side branch seems to be just as large as it always has been.
(more might be added to the history soon but for now that's it)

Clan Symbol:

Bloodline Info

Bloodline name: Element Control / Devils eye


  • All members Excel at on element
  • Main branch members can access the Devils eye
  • Main branch members age slowly


  • very week to their main element’s opposite (meaning if their main is fire there very week to water based attacks)
  • main branch members typically can only use one element, at the max they can use two
  • do to the effect of the bloodline many members of the main branch die young

Other Info

  • A members comes of age when they specialize in an element or on there 13th birthday, which ever comes first.
  • Some members don't specialize in any element instead the specialize in ether gen,ken, or taijutsu thoes users get the "neutral" symbol tattooed to there neck.
  • There are two different kinds of earth elements in this clan "living earth" which is the use things based of earth such as Sand,wood,plants,crystal. While "Solid earth" is the use of pure earth

(Varies on what element the user uses) – tattooed on the back of the neck when they come of age

-Devils eye-

Info about the eye

  • Only main branch members can access the eye
  • The eye is activated when the member comes of age
  • Activation of the eye gives the user enhanced vision (allows them to see fast movements as if they were in slow motion) –side note: This is in no way related to the sharingan….all it is good for is seeing incoming attacks it can’t be used to copy skills-

Main Branch

  • These are members who were born into the clan
  • Few members of the main branch are left
  • Many members of the main branch die around there 19th birthday

Side Branch

  • Members of the clan that where not born into it
  • Can join the clan through ingesting a main branch member's blood
  • The element the person will begin to excel in depends on the element of the one who "made" them
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PostSubject: Re: Genso Clan -DONE-   Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:02 pm

Pretty simple and unique. o.o I'll wait for Asa's opinion before accepting...
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Asako Hyosuke
Asako Hyosuke

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PostSubject: Re: Genso Clan -DONE-   Wed Nov 18, 2009 10:26 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Genso Clan -DONE-   Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:55 pm

Main Branch - we will be allowing up to three more members of the main branch, all must be under the age of 19.

Side Branch - for now we will allow 5 members of the side branch, unless you plan to rp out the joining of the clan with one of the main branch members we expect you to have a detailed bio on who you became a member of the clan (how you met the person who turned you,your training with them, mastering your new element,watching your companion die, ext)
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PostSubject: Re: Genso Clan -DONE-   

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Genso Clan -DONE-
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