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 Kusanagi Clan

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PostSubject: Kusanagi Clan   Tue Nov 17, 2009 4:05 pm

Clan Info

Clan Name Kusanagi clan

Clan History: Many years ago, and even years before that, when only the gods roamed the lands which we now claim as ninja lands, lived an ancient demon, a snake with 8 heads and 8 tails.. The legendary Yamata No Orochi.

This demon had many myths surrounding him. The true one, however, was a secret that only few people knew...

The demon Orochi had tyrannized many places, many deities fell upon it's bloodlust, it's craze for blood. Once every 7 years, the moon would turn bloody red. On that day, the "Riot of Blood" would commence, when Orochi would murder, ransack, and kill, over ten thousand people at once. Many thousands of years past by, 7 of these of riots of blood were held. And with each mass massacring, the demon gained another head, and another tail.

Finally, an earth nymph feared that her life would be the next soul to be consumed by the wrathful demon; the next riot of blood was nearing. Hearing this, the god Susanoo personally agreed to fight Orochi.

After the time came, Susanoo and Orochi fought a fierce battle. Susanoo had indeed defeated Orochi after an epic battle. However, Susanoo had failed to kill Orochi completely. Instead, he had appointed the Yata clan, an clan highly experienced in seals (What we call Fuuinjutsu). Their knowledge allowed them to place a huge seal upon the demon of Orochi, within a huge stone tablet. The Yata clan was assigned to protect the seal at all cost.

Thousand of years past, by the time of which the Yata clan was simply a clan of humans now; still experienced in the art of fuuinjutsu. The gods had left the face of earth; this was the time when humans ruled; just like they do now.

Even more time passed, and now, the Yata clan had disappeared; the last descendant never had any children. Now the seal of Orochi was completely exposed; luckily, no one on earth knew of the place where it was hidden. In fact, no one even remembered what Yamata no Orochi was.

Except a certain Uchiha clan member. The Uchiha clan had been a special clan assigned by Susanoo, as a secondary, elite guard to Orochi's seal. As Susanoo slowly decayed, he left his power amongst the Uchiha.

The Uchiha had forgotten about the seal as well; except a few. These Uchiha's refused to be known as "Uchiha", and called themselves Roots. Roots of the new world. Since they planned to resurrect Orochi in their conquest for world domination.

And yes, these Roots died out within the years that passed as well; except one. The final root still knew where the seal of Orochi lay. He also knew that the Yata clan was no longer. This one man, plotted to try and reveal Orochi himself.

He travelled far and abroad, all the way to the Stone Tablet. Using his minor skills at fuuinjutsu, he almost succeeds in releasing Orochi. But, the ancient seals of the Yata clan were unlike any other seals that ninja use today. The seal could only be removed by it's caster, or any of it's bloodline. And the Yata clan was dead. However, since his anti-seal had enough power, the seal partially broke. A crack broke through the stone tablet, letting out about 2% of Orochi's power. This power manifested upon the body of the final root, leaving him unconscious for a day.

The man awoke soon after. What he discovered, had beaten his expecations by miles. Even two percent of Orochi's power, gave him demi-godlike powers. And so he carried on the name of "Orochi"...

To this present day, there are only three descendants of Orochi remaining. Apparently, the powers of Orochi declines through generation. The clan was re-named "Kusanagi", after the first name of the final root. And that was how the hidden clan of Kusanagi was formed...

Clan Symbol: Body markings, similar to these:

And a clan pendant, worn by all members:

Bloodline Info

Bloodline name: Riot of Blood

  • Gives the user the infinite ability to spawn cold, purple flames from their fingertips, using low amounts of chakra since heat isn't required.
  • Makes all possessors of this bloodline have sharp, deadly claws instead of fingernails.
  • Gives an elemental affinity towards fire.
  • Once activated, grants the user incredible speed, sharper claws, and the ability to shift from cold purple flames to hot purple flames.
  • Higher-than-normal physical durability.

  • Only activated once every seven years.
  • The user loses control of him/herself once activated. The Riot of Blood gives them a craze to see blood spill. Bloodlust~
  • Male users are unable to have children with others.
  • After the Riot of Blood, the user is unable to use his/her powers for one week.
  • Weakness against water-type jutsu; unable to use the water element.

Other Info

At present, only three members of this clan are alive. The bloodline is activated once every seven years, during the ancient Riot of blood. Other than this one time, the user may freely use the purple flames, and will have the sharp claws, and higher physical durability.

This bloodline gives access to bloodline-only ninjutsu and taijutsu, since no other person has been known to use purple flames. Since the flames are cold, even when they engulf an enemy, it won't scorch them. But their temperature would freeze the enemy to death after high exposure.

The bloodline comes in three stages. The first stage (Normal mode), is normal, where the user has access to the usual benefits, and enters "Orochi" mode after the time for the Riot of Blood arrives. During the riot of blood, the user gains a much stronger physique, sharper claws, loses control of himself, and will do -anything- to end his/her bloodlust. Of course, after the riot of blood the user is unable to use any of the clan powers for a week.

The second stage (Orochi mode) is achieved, when the user actually manages to quench his/her thirst for blood during the Riot of Blood. This generally means, the user needs to kill over ten thousand people in twenty four hours. Once achieved, the user has the ability to freely shift between his/her normal form and Orochi mode. This mode last for no longer than ten minutes; and the user will be completely depleted of chakra and stamina after shifting. Also, once stage two is gained, the user isn't obliged to kill people during the Riot of Blood; however, the user always has an endless crave for blood, after stage two is achieved.

The final stage (Yamata no Han-Orochi mode) is only achieved when three other Kusanagi clan members sacrifice their souls to a fourth Kusanagi. The fourth Kusanagi must drink the blood of his/her fallen comrades, to gain the final mutation of this bloodline. When they enter "Orochi" mode, they gain more powerful flames, and the ability to make swords out of their claws. The disadvantage, is that while in the final stage of the bloodline, the user may only stay on Orochi mode for five minutes, and take the one week inablity to use his abilies as well. This also allows the user to control the bloodlust within him. But, even when this craze for blood is under control, the user has the option to kill ten thousand more souls during the Riot of Blood. When that is done, the user will gain a second soul. That is, the user must be killed twice before dying. (Currently impossible to achieve)

Clan Jutsu


Orochi-mode jutsus

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Asako Hyosuke
Asako Hyosuke

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PostSubject: Re: Kusanagi Clan   Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:14 pm

o-o accepted~♥️ If I wasn't a Hyosuke, I would join you =3
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Posts : 195
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Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Kusanagi Clan   Tue Nov 17, 2009 6:15 pm

Not anyone can join. o_o... Since there are only three members for this generation~D:
And all of them must be worthy of it. o-o
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PostSubject: Re: Kusanagi Clan   Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:19 pm


lol na jkjk

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Posts : 195
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Age : 23
Location : Take a guess.

PostSubject: Re: Kusanagi Clan   Wed Nov 18, 2009 8:20 pm

You bish. Dx xD

And since I'm the final admin, accepted as well? xD
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PostSubject: Re: Kusanagi Clan   

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Kusanagi Clan
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