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 Village Main House

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PostSubject: Village Main House   Mon Nov 16, 2009 3:39 pm

The house found directly in the middle of Sunagakure; known as the main house of Sunagakure. This was where the kazekage resided in his office, and where the council had it's meetings, to decide certain important matters.

Currently the office of:
Yakate Sukishiro
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Posts : 195
Join date : 2009-11-11
Age : 23
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PostSubject: Re: Village Main House   Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:53 pm

The Kazekage took soft, gentle steps towards the entrance ot his office. He stopped, and rested his left arm upon a table, conviniently placed near the entrance solely for the purpose of resting the kage's arm when he/she was thinking... Or maybe also for keeping small nick-nacks as well.

Yakate's face was gloomy, just like always. But this was no casual gloomy, this time, he truly was expecting something ominious, something forboding...

He trickled sand from the floor up to the table, and ran it through his fingers. His eyes were set upon the air in front of him, not focused anywhere in particular, gazing out into the hot, golden sandy area. The area that was once desert; now it was known as Sunagakure. The village of ninja, which he himself had under his control and power. He had earned this spot, no other ninja challenging him could best him. Cold-hearted and dark as he was, he was still, respected kage of Suna...

All these days, he found nothing of interest except overconfident challengers, petty outlaws, and weak raiders. But this time, he had seen a chakra source far greater than anything he had ever seen...

He raised his palm, with the sand on it, and looked at it intensely. The sand was living on for generations after generations. It had seen everything, known everything. And this sand was a blood-brother of Yakate Sukishiro. He softly blew against his palm, patiently...

These sands, the sands of time, had seen every single earth-shaking event that occured in the desert. When asked how Yakate got his incredible knowledge, he always said that the sand told him. The sand had told him how Sunagakure was first created, who the kazekage's were, what monuments were created and destroyed, which dead body lay hidden underneath the sand, what major battles occured in the desert...

And the sand recognized that massive chakra level. That chakra was devilish, demonic, it told of great destruction to follow. He kept his cold gaze firmly directed at his palm, and the sand. With a painful smile, he turned over his hand, watching the sand fall on the ground, a stream of sand, as thin as the sand that passes in and out of an hourglass...

The great serpent had risen once more. Once more, shall it get it's vengeance upon those that once sealed him. The 8-headed beast would once again kill and assault everywhere, never quenching it's thirst for blood. And it's chakra... was extremely close to Amegakure.

He took long srides towards his office table, scattering around ink and paperwork, and found a blank scroll. With sand, he imprinted a fine calligraphic handwriting upon the scroll. He whistled out to a hawk, and raised his right arm, perpendicular to his shoulder. WHen the bird approached, it perched on his outstretched arm, and pokes it's break towards the wrapped up scroll.

"Amegakure. Now. Go! Before more people fall victim to the wrath of the great serpent..."
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Village Main House
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