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 Yaru Clan [finished]

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Surpentheon Yaru

Surpentheon Yaru

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PostSubject: Yaru Clan [finished]   Yaru Clan [finished] EmptySun Nov 15, 2009 12:30 am

Clan Info

Clan Name: Yaru

Clan History: The Yaru Clan dates back to the time of the founding of Kumogakure. It's Leader/founder of the Clan at that time was known as Oujoukun. He was an outlaw actually, but not from the whole world. No, just an outlaw from the Konoha.

For Oujoukun possessed a bloodline thought to have been derived from the sharingan eye. Derived from both Sharingan and Byakugan as his parents were of both bloodlines. Their combined blood seemed to fuse in the making of Oujou creating a new bloodline with all new abilities that Oujou alone possessed. But for this strange fusion of the bloodlines, he was considered an abomination to both the Hyuuga and the Uchiha.

The Hyuuga Clan shunned the very existance of him and tried to forget the accident ever happened. They through the boy out since he had no mother to protest since his life had taken hers. Even the Uchihas gagged at the thought of a fusion of the bloodlines. And as so, even they refused the father and child shelter. So, Oujou and his father were forced to leave Konoha behind and make their life in the wilderness.

It wasn't till years after he had grown to the age of 17, that Oujou lost the last of his caring family. His father and him had fought against an abushing group of rouges, his father taken over and killed. All those years, Oujous father had told Oujou to hide his bloodline and never reveal it to the world. But Oujou was taken back by the bloody murder of his father and unlocked his bloodline fully for the first time.

He slaughtered the renegades and in doing so, began the hunt for his head. For one of the rogues escaped and was captured by Konoha later that week. During questioning, he spoke of Oujou and his mighty eyes like the man had never seen. But this time, Madara was furious with the thought that the boy Oujou did possess a bloodline of both Clans. And in fear that the boy would cause a problem in the future, he sought out the young shinobi. Sought him out only to destroy him before he and his bloodline could become a threat.

It obviously didn't take Madara long to find Oujou, but when he thought the fight would be one sided, Madara was mistaken. For even though Oujou had hid his powers all hose years like his father had asked him to. He had trained them though, in secret, away from prying eyes. For when Madara found Oujou, he realized that the eyes Oujou possessed would be all but a match for the Sharingan. And so, the battle between the two raged.

The battle raged for two days in the midst of the wilderness. The sound of their attacks echoed for miles around. But even the great Madara found his match in this young prodigy. They had fought eachother to the verge of death. Each shinobi was at his last stretch when they called a truce between them.

It was after a long rest for each, that they decided to let the other live. And so, they devised a resolution to this problem. Madara could not kill him, and Oujou could not kill Madara. They were the strongest shinobi and there was no reason to attempt anymore fighting. So they agreed to leave eachother alone. They would make a long standing pact with eachother that the Uchiha would never again threaten the boy, if the boy promised to never reveal his origins to the world.

The boy was not stupid and so, agreed to the pact and on that day, they went their seperate ways. Madara vanished years later, no one knew what happened to the great shinobi. But Oujou, he went on to found the Kumogakure village. He married a woman named Keisei Yaru. Oujou took on her last name and lived a long life in Kumogakure. The new rising star of the Yaru Clan, is Surpentheon Yaru. He was born to the Clan Leader and is destined to take that place. He now forges the history of the Yaru Clan. Him and his fellow Clan members.

Clan Symbol: Yaru Clan [finished] Infini10

Bloodline Info

Bloodline name: Kunshagan


Powers: The Kunshagan bloodline can only copy ninjutsus of their elements. On top of that, the bloodline automatically gifts all who possess it with the lightning element. This gives them one additional element ontop of their others. They can instantly use a jutsu after seeing them once. But they have to fall within the users elemental range. (A water and wind user cannot copy a jutsu of the Fire element since it is not of his elemental range.) It unlocks powerful jutsus specific only to the bloodline as well. Another added ability, is additional chakra supply and comatosis stare.

Since the Clan users are mostly ninjutsu, they have an extremely large chakra pool. This makes them a formidable opponent even in long battles. The comatosis stare is also unique to their bloodline. Like the Uchiha Clans, this ability is activated through locking of eyes. But it's not a genjutsu at all.

The Comatosis stare allows the user of Kunshagan Eye to put any person they lock eyes with into a coma-like state. This naturally only works on normal ninjas. Those with an Eye Bloodline are immune to this ability. But the up side to this, is hypnosis and genjutsus don't work on the Kunshagan users at all. This also means that they can't use genjutsus either.

The draw back to comatosis stare is very dangerous though. The longer the user places their opponent into the coma-like state, the more damage they do to their eyes. Like the Mangekyo, when used, the comatosis stare causes blindness. Not permanent, just an immediate temperary blindness. The user of the stare goes blind for half the time they place a person in a coma. This makes any jutsus that need the eye impossible to use. The smallest amount of time a Kunshagan can place a person in a coma for is and hour. That means the smallest amount of time the person will be blind is thirty minutes.

The user also has the power to see through solid objects as well as read chakra and see chakra points. They do not have 360 vision, but their reaction time is abnormally high. This in turn makes them appear to have 360 vision. Either way, the user is limited to what his eyes can actually look at.

Limits: The Limits of the Kunshagan Eye are that the wielder, they can't use Genjutsus at all. This limits their fighting style even more than other shinobi. They also can't copy jutsus that aren't of their own elements. They can't see 360 degrees around them, and they go blind after using the Comatosis stare.

Other Info The bloodline has two stages, the first is active at birth. Kunshagan Eye (First) and Tentousama Kunshagan Eye (Second). The difference is when it reaches Tentousama, you gain more powerful jutsus and immortality like Madara has. Everything else is the same. The drawback to gaining the immortality is the wielder can no longer use comatosis stare. If they do attempt to, they will go blind permanently. Goodside about that, is the person they use it on, will die. But again, the user is permanently blind and as such, loses some of his most powerful bloodline jutsus.

Luckily, the Tentousama Kunshagan Eye is not so easy to gain. You must be the age of 20 and take a life that effects you dramatically. It doesn't have to be someone close, but normally, it is since the death has to cause a sense of dramatical damage. Then, within 24 hours of the death, the user must kill themselves. When they awake, they are healed, but if they attempted to kill themselves by cutting or anything physical, the mark or scar never fades from their skin. A reminder of their attempt and a permanent reminder of their sorrow and lose.

Clan Jutsus:

Kunshagan Eye

Comatosis Stare
Unknown Rank
This jutsu allows the wielder of Kunshagan Eye to put any person they lock eyes with into a Coma. The time the target is put under is determined by the user of the jutsu. The user must specify the time they are placing their target into the coma in the post they make in the fight. The user is then blind for half the time the target is placed in a coma. During this time, Eye abilities such as jutsus, etc are useless.

Unknown Rank
This is the Kunshagans ability to copy any ninjutsu of their own elements. By seeing it once, the wielder of Kunshagan can instantly memorize and learn the jutsu in question. The requirements for it though, such as bodily requirements and chakra needed is up to the user of Kunshagan to master. Memorizing a jutsu doesn't mean that you can use it without having the strength or chakra you need to use it. Hence why jutsus of A-Rank do no good to a Yaru of Genin Rank.

This jutsu utilizes the lightning element in a small bolt of condensed lightning. The user aims at their target and a zone of lightning opens up infront of the user (Usually about in the chest area). The lightning then shoots out from infront of the user and strikes the area where the user is targeting. It is fast and damn close to invisible, but it's only one bolt and it can only go straight to the target. It cannot maneuver around objects or make turns. If it hits, the target will be immobilized for one post, unable to move. This is done by disruption of the nervous system. That is why the bolt is so small. It isn't ment to do physical damage, just stall the opponent.

The user concentrates the lightning element around their fist. This causes their fist to become surrounded in lightning (It's a normal fist just with electricity on it). The user can create this move when mastered within a moments notice. This allows the user to go from a normal strength punch to a normal strength punch with a deadly shock. It is a strictly blunt force, paralyzing move. The electricity of this move can paralyze any part it touches. If it strikes the head or chest, it can cause instant death upon its impact.

This is a jutsu that causes the heavens themselves to assist the Kunshagan user. The User focuses his eyes on the sky for however brief a moment. The sky will suddenly grow dark and filled with clouds of lightning. The next moment, the sky would rain lightning upon the entire surrounding area up to 50 feet around the user. This takes considerable chakra and can even leave the user dizzy from sudden chkra lose. All that's left after this attack is a red hot crater with smoldered stone.

Using their eyes, a Yaru rips a hole in space using natural powers of lightning. This is done through the tearing of the natural seam of the world inhabited. their right eye uses that of a negative charge while the left uses that of the positive. These two battling charges being within that close proximity, causes them to naturally rip a hole in space (The size can vary). The hole can be used to absorb attacks or swallow massive objects. Inside the hole is a world of constant storms. Electricity is in no short amount there. The user can also, instead of making a hole, envelope the entire surrounding area. A powerful jutsu that causes the user to be drained of a massive amount of chakra. Takes extreme focus with the eyes as well. In this world/dimension of storms, the Yaru Clan member can control the lightning with but a thought. They can instantly open a hole back home to escape and leave the enemy in the world of storms or just use this move in its hole form which drains less chakra to absorb powerful moves or escape from battle if too injured. The opponent can escape from this dimension in three ways. First, when the Yaru opens a hole, they can slip out before it closes. Second is knock out the Kunshagan user and the dimension instantly vanishes. Third is the enemy can get the user to close his eyes for more then three seconds.

Tentousama Kunshagan Eye Abilities:

Each person to achieve this stage can create two jutsus of their own. One has to be offensive, the other defensive. They usually pertain to you most dominant element. Surpentheon Yaru and two Admins must approve them. For they are allowed to be powerful, but must have drawbacks as well.

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Asako Hyosuke
Asako Hyosuke

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Yaru Clan [finished] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yaru Clan [finished]   Yaru Clan [finished] EmptyMon Nov 16, 2009 12:52 am

Approved. Great job, nice descriptions, I like it. o.o now you need the approval of another admin~
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Yaru Clan [finished] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yaru Clan [finished]   Yaru Clan [finished] EmptyMon Nov 16, 2009 2:53 pm

Niiiice. v.v Just don't abuse it to much. Accepted!
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Yaru Clan [finished] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yaru Clan [finished]   Yaru Clan [finished] Empty

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Yaru Clan [finished]
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