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 Rules of the Rules

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PostSubject: Rules of the Rules   Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:57 pm

Attention all retarded kittens! Can you read this post? Read everything in it.
Reading the rules is obligatory, it is not available as choice.

Character Application Rules/Role-Play Rules:

  1. You must be accepted to role-play here. To become accepted place an application in the Ninja Registration forum after you have read all the rules. Make sure that you read all the rules in the rules forum and follow them. Reading a little bit or skimming through them won't do you any good.

  2. For the title of your application it should be the name of your character, and nothing but the name of your character. And, you may add your character's nickname if you wish.

  3. While making a character, you have to choose between the available villages. If you wish, you may become a rogue ninja, or even

  4. You can not, repeat, not be a character from any other media. This includes movies, shows, comics, anime, manga or newspapers. You can however, use the name or appearance of that person, or base your character on him/her.

  5. You can not, repeat, not be a real life person. Meaning, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Hitler, Napoleon, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, etc. are not allowed.

  6. You can not, repeat, not be a character from the original Naruto series. Meaning, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Hatake Kakashi, Orochimaru etc. are not allowed.

  7. Do everything the Moderator checking over your application tells you to do. This Mod is responsible for checking to see if you will fit into our community and storyline, as well as for your final acceptance into Ninja Raising and moving your profile on to the Accepted Characters Forum/Subforums.

  8. We will not accept profiles that we believe to be inappropriate for the RPG. These include, but are not limited to: Sex freaks, drug dealers, pimps, women abusers, druggies rapists.

  9. If you are told that you need to fix something, do not put what you need to fix in the next post. Make sure you edit your first post and fix what needs to be fixed. After you do that you can reply in the thread to tell the person checking it over that you fixed it.

  10. Each section of a profile must contain at least one well-defined paragraph (3 to 5 lines).

  11. Do not ever post in anyone else’s profile. You may only post in your own. Excluding Moderators and Administrators of course.

  12. When you apply, please use the template found in "Ninja Registration". If you wish to add more to your profile, that's fine. But remember that you have to add what your Mod tells you to add.

  13. To make a character who is in a certain clan which you have customized yourself, please apply for it first in the "Clan Registration" forum. Before you may include the clan name in your character, please wait for at least two Moderators and One Administrator, or Two Admins to approve of your clan.

  14. To role-play here, you must have an accepted character in the Accepted Characters forum.

  15. Everyone should respect everyone else. This means, no flaming, no fighting in the OOC areas, and no provoking others into flaming.

  16. Have fun! That's the point of this RPG and that's why we're all here! Don't hamper other people's fun. Someone who isn't having fun isn't someone who wants to stay here.

  17. Your Role-Playing here is limited to one thread at a time. Your character cannot be in two places at one time, which would create massive disorder, if your character, say, is training jutsus somewhere, and fighting someone at the same time. I know... it's plain weird.

  18. World-changing events need to be cleared with the Admins and/or Mods. For example, if you plan to blow up Konohagakure, it must first be checked by us; for two reasons. Firstly, the Mods/Admins must see if it's okay (Because seriously, Konohagakure is... just special). Secondly, if you blow up Konoha and nobody knows... it's kinda stupid, really.

  19. And of course, the Golden Rule: NO GODMODDING. You can't dodge every hit thrown your way, and you won't hit your opponent every single time. Also, you are prevented from trying to control the actions of other people - meaning you can't say "I stab Naruto, Naruto gets stabbed, Naruto dies". You can say "I stab Naruto", what happens after your action is up to the owner of that character.

  20. The second Golden Rule: NO SPAMMING.

  21. You can kill other characters only if you have permission from the person being killed. However you're more than welcome to kill your own characters as you please. Its called Suicide.

  22. Explicit sex is not allowed on the forum. You can kiss and you can cut to the next morning before you actually do anything, leaving everyone to assume you had sex, but you can't actually RP the actions out. Doing so will get you banned. This also includes OOC areas of the board.

  23. NPCs are Non-Player Characters, this means that they cannot be used like a standard Player Character. They can not be used outside of the storyline (or storylines) for which they were created. Also, NPCs will only be created by Mods/Admins. Because... well, it suits the shady descriptions given to most Admins?

  24. Do not make small posts, like Sakura walks in, gets bored, leaves. Try to use your imagination as much as possible. Describe everything in great detail. Your posts must at least be a paragraph (3 - 5 lines), but there is no upper limit.

  25. A Moderator has full right to do whatever he wants, and can only be overruled by an Administrator (me mostly). If you have a problem with a Mod, contact me or another Admin. With the PM feature, if you haven't already noticed.

  26. Offensive usernames are subject to be banned and deadlocked on sight. Consciously making an offensive username is against the rules and will not be tolerated.

    Offensive language / usernames consist of usernames/language include, but are not limited to:

    * Excessive swearing
    * Sexual references
    * Being a generic pervert (beware >_>)
    * Racism
    * Illegal drug references

  27. Keep everything PG-13. You should all know what that means.

  28. The user of the account is at all times responsible of anything that occurs with his/her account. Hackers, Shadow clones, little brothers, retarded kittens, possessing Symbiotes, or mysterious glitches are not any excuse.

  29. Bans are definitive and will not be revoked, anyone found whining about being banned, shall simply have their ban extended.

  30. If something isn't in the rules, it doesn't mean you can do it anyway. There is probably a ruling already on something, already. If you’re unsure about something you wish to do, then ask a Moderator.

  31. If you break any of the rules mentioned above, you will be given three warnings. After that, you will be banned from the Forum for a week. If you still don't learn your lesson you will be banned permanently.
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Rules of the Rules
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