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 Weapons Guide

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PostSubject: Weapons Guide   Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:10 pm

Weapons Guide
additional aid in a ninjas' arsenal are the weapons they carry into
battle. The normal weapon of a ninja consists of shuriken and kunai
they carry in holsters on their body. In addition a ninja can utilize
strength boosting pills to aid in battle or unique weapons they can use
with exceptional deadliness.

Concealed Mouth Ember

going into battle, a ninja may store a small combustible ember in their
mouth. The ember must be bitten to be activated. The ninja can then
spit the ember at a combustible substance to help ignite it.

Exploding Note

exploding note is a piece of parchment paper which has script on it
that serves to faciltate its explosive properties. The ninja can attach
the note to another object such as a kunai or log. When the note is set
it begins a slow burn which results in a large explosion.

Exploding Pouch

A variation on the exploding note, these small pouches can be attached to a target and then explode a few seconds later.
Exploding Smoke Grenade

the pin is pulled on this grenade, the result is a large explosion and
the release of smoke. This allows the ninja to carry out their
manuevers in secret.

Hero Water

special water from Hidden Waterfall allows a ninja to have a ten-fold
increase in chakra for a short period of time. By drinking drops of the
water, the ninja of the village could increase their fighting ability
to compensate for their villages lack of a strong Kage leader.
Unfortunately in exchange for the power, the water also eats away at
your life.

HyourouGan (Soldier Provision Pills)

the soldier pill is swallowed, it allows the ninja to fight for several
days without rest. The pill is full of proteins and a special stimulant
that momentarily increases the ninja's chakra.


throwing knife is one of the common weapons of a ninja. It is often
kept in a holster on the leg in a pouch attached to the belt.

The Kunai can be used in conjunction with explosive tags and other weapons to form deadly combos.


weapon is primarily used during escape, numerous makibishi are thrown
on the ground and enemy soldiers will have a difficult time pursuing
because the spiked metal can penetrate the sole of the shoe wear.

Senbon (Needle)

senbon was first used by doctors in acupuncture, it was then adopted by
ninja and Hunter-nins to hit points on the body to cause death, deaden
limbs or cause their target to fall unconscious.


Another common weapon, the shuriken is often kept in a holster on the leg or in a pouch attached to the belt.

weapon is used by Rain ninja. Worn on the back, the ninja can quickly
open the umbrella and hurl it into the air. While spinning in the air,
the umbrella can unleash a rain of needles upon the target.

Windmill Shuriken

its folded state, all four arms of the shuriken are folded together.
When full unfolded the large shuriken can be thrown through the air
causing great damage.
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PostSubject: Re: Weapons Guide   Thu Nov 12, 2009 11:11 pm

Personalized Weapon Guide
addition to the weapons every ninja carries, some ninjas have taken on
personalized weapons with which they have developed special skills.

these will be actual physical manifestations of weapons in some form,
rather than elemental attacks created by jutsu such as mud or fire.
Gai's Nunchaku

carries along a set of nunchaku on his missions. When battles move in
close, Gai can withdraw these weapons to deal direct damage to his

Piercing and Cutting Hand-Held Weapons
Asuma's Knuckle Knives

deadly knives belong to the Leaf Jounin Asuma. The combination of brass
knuckles and knife prove a deadly weapon to any foe Asuma faces. Asuma
can also extend his chakra through the metal of the blade and out the
end using his Hien technique. This causes the blade to lengthen with an
added chakra edge. This hidden danger can act as a surprise to enemies
who misjudge the distance they will need to maneuver to avoid the
deadly blades.

GamaBunta's Daggers

toad boss Gamabunta carries two personal daggers. Giant in size, these
daggers can be utilized by either Gamabunta or any powerful ninja who
can lift and maneuver their weight.

Hanzaki's Zanbatou

Fuuma Hanzaki carries this large Zanbatou long sword.
Hatake Family Tanto

tanto belonged to Kakashi's father Hatake Sakumo, who was known as
"Konoha's White Fang." Using the blade, the unique white chakra will
pour forth from Kakashi and his father.

Hayate's Sword

katana is utilized by the Leaf ninja Gekko Hayate. Using this blade,
Hayate does the Dance of the Crescent Moon technique. This is an
advanced technique that creates multiple copies of the user while the
real version attacks from the opponents blindside.

Hidan's 3-Bladed Scythe

member Hidan uses a large three-bladed scythe which he can throw at his
opponents. Using a rope running from his arm to the scythe itself, he
can launch the whole thing to give him added versatility. This may be
due to his reputed slower attack speed among the group.

Idate's Knife

was given this knife by Boss Jirocho of the Tea Country. He gave it to
Idate as a sign of trust in the young man in his new position as his

Kakkou's Retractable Wrist Blades

ninja Kakkou has retractable wrist blades attached to his forearms.
These blades can spring forth when needed to surprise any opponent he
fights hand to hand.

Kamakiri's Scissor Pinchers

lives up to his "praying mantis" name by utilizing a pair of
scissor-like pinchers. These pinchers can be squeezed to pinch and
slice through any opponent.

Karui and Omoi's Swords

ninjas Karui and Omoi carry similar looking katanas on their backs.
Both are skilled in the use of their weapon, having trained under
skilled blade master Killer Bee.

Kimimaro's Bone Swords

of his unique Bloodline ability, the Sound ninja Kimimaro can remove
bones from his body at will. After removing the bone, the sword is then
created. Because the removed bone can become harder than steel, this
sword can become a very reliable weapon.

Kotetsu's Giant Kunai

Kotetsu carries two large kunai on his back. Kotetsu can work in tandem with Kamizuki Izumo to wield both with deadly results.
Kotetsu's Shell Mace

has a large mace with a spiked conch-type shell head. Due to its size
Kotetsu keeps the mace in an easily accessible summoning scroll until

Kujaku's Two Soushouken (Dual Rising Blades)

kunoichi Kujaku wields two blades crafted in her home village. These
two swords can redirect wind attacks and bring out their maximum
potential using a minimum amount of chakra. With these blades she can
also generate wind-based attacks.

Kumo-Nenkin Spikes

his body's ability to create kumo-nenkin (golden spider thread) from
both his pores and his mouth, Kidoumaru uses the thread to fashion
weapons that are as hard as metal. With the thread he can make spikes
and daggers to hurl at an enemy.

Kurosuki Raiga's Swords

swords are used in conjunction with his lightning jutsu. Raiga can
build up an electric charge in his swords which he can then fire at his
opponents. He can also charge the swords, ram them into the ground and
then send out tendrils of lightning.

Kusanagi (Grasscutter)

legendary sword Kusanagi is the personal weapon of the Sannin
Orochimaru. When unneeded the sword is kept within Orochimaru's body.
When he wishes to utilize it, he will open his mouth wide and have it
extend from his chest cavity through his throat.

Mahiru's Sword

Stone ninja Mahiru served as an advanced recon soldier. He carried this sword on his missions into enemy territory.
Momochi Zabuza's Head Cleaving Sword

long head cleaving sword was the primary weapon of Momochi Zabuza.
Zabuza gained this weapon by being a member of the Mist Seven
swordsmen, an elite ninja squad of Hidden Mist village. When Zabuza
fled his village, he brought this sword along with him. This sword was
eventually obtained by former Mist ninja Suigetsu, who trained in the
hopes of one day becoming a Mist Seven member.

Nidaime's Raijin Sword

legendary Raijin (God of Lightning) sword belonged to the Second
Hokage. After his death, it remained in Konoha as a legendary artifact.
Leaf ninja Aoi convinced Idate to steal the sword. Aoi then took the
weapon to Hidden Rain and defected to their village.

Oni Brothers

Oni (Demon) Brothers are missing-nins from Hidden Mist Village. The two
brothers wear large clawed devices on one of their hands. Running
between the claws connecting the brothers is a edged chain that can cut
anyone who gets near it. The brothers work in a formation where one
brother will launch the other into the air and surprise their opponent,
while flying through the air the brother can wrap the chain around an
opponent. Pulling the chain taught, the brothers can then shred their
victim to pieces. The brothers aren't limited to the restriction of the
chain either, they can disconnect the chain and just use the poision
soaked claws to attack an opponent.

Ryuugan's Gariantou (Garian Blade)

ninja Ryuugan wields a blade crafted in his home village. This sword
has three blade made up of segments pieces connected via wire. These
segments respond to user's chakra to extend in the form of dragons that
can bite.

Samehada (Sharkskin)

long head cleaving sword was the primary weapon of Hoshigaki Kisame.
This sword resembles Zabuza's sword except that along the length of the
blade are shark skin scales which serve to rip the flesh from the
victim it is turned against. Kisame gained this weapon by being a
member of the Mist Seven swordsmen, an elite ninja squad of Hidden Mist
village. When Kisame fled his village, he brought this sword along with

Samurai Sword

These swords are wielded by the mercenary samurai Waraji and Zouri.
Sasuke's Kusanagi (Grass Cutter)

under Orochimaru, Sasuke began using his own Kusanagi (Grass Cutter).
Using this sword with his Chidori Nagashi technique, Sasuke was able to
greatly increase its' cutting ability. Virtually nothing could stop
this blade when it sought its target.

Yondaime's "Flying Thunder God" Kunai

Hokage would mark kunai and other weapons with a rite, which allowed
him to transport across time and space to its location. This specific
kunai was given to Hatake Kakashi on his advancement to Jounin, it was
marked with such a rite.

Please see the puppet guide available here for further information.
Ranged Weapons
Dosu's Sound Amplifier

Sound Genin Dosu wears a sound amplifying device on his right arm. This
weapon vibrates at such a range so as to disrupt the inner ear membrane
of his target. This can result in extreme disorientation and dizziness.

Fubuki's Ice Bombs

has attached wings to her chakra armor. As she flies above her
opponent, she will unleash these ice bombs attached to kunai. Then the
kunai impact her target, the bombs will explode in a torrent of ice
spikes. These rising ice is powerful enough to lift several tons off
the ground.

Haku's Flying Water Needles

using a secret jutsu unique to Haku, the deadly flying needles are
created from any nearby water Haku can find. Once created, Haku can
control the needles through chakra and force of will. The needles can
float into the air and come raining down on an opponent at Haku's

Kimimaro's Finger Bullets

of his unique Bloodline ability, the Sound ninja Kimimaro can remove
bones from his body at will. With this technique, Kimimaro can
literally turn his fingers into projectile launchers. Aiming his
fingers at his opponent he can launch his distal phalange bones as

Kin's Bells

they resemble normal bells, this weapon of the Sound ninja Kin
possesses unique qualites. As an attack, Kin will launch needles that
have wire and a bell attached. Using the wire, Kin can shake the needle
and cause the bell to vibrate. These bells emit a special frequency
that then causes the inner ear of her target to vibrate, resulting in

Kumo-Nenkin Bow and Arrows

his body's ability to create kumo-nenkin (golden spider thread)from
both his pores and his mouth, Kidoumaru uses the thread to fashion
weapons that are as hard as metal. With the thread he can make a large
bow with which to fire his kumo-nenkin arrows.

Mizore's Chakra Armor Hand

ninja Mizore has augmented his chakra armor will a large clawed hand.
This hand can detatch and be shot at his opponents to grab ahold of
them. It can also fire out a sticky rope to tie up his enemy.

Mizuki's Giant Shuriken

Leaf Chuunin Mizuki utilized these giant shuriken after he convinced
Naruto to steal the forbidden jutsu scroll. These large shuriken are
hurled by the user at an opponent, their large size increasing the
damage they inflict as they fly through the air.

Mubi's Crossbow

Rain ninja Mubi carries a four bolt crossbow. This crossbow can fire normal arrows, flaming arrows or grappling arrows.
Naruto's Summoned Giant Shuriken

the second part of the Naruto series, Naruto carries a summoning scroll
holding a giant shuriken. Storing weapons in summoning scrolls allows
Naruto to carry more weapons into combat and not hinder his freedom of

Shikamaru's Light Bombs

depends on light to be able to utilize his Kage Mane jutsu. In
situations where he needs more light to cast a longer shadow, he will
use these light bombs. They are marked with "hikari" meaning light.

Shizune's Needle Launcher

on her right forearm, Shizune has a needle launcher which she can use
to send poison tipped needles at her opponent. After lifting her sleeve
she can pull the launch cable taught and then let it loose, which will
launch the five poison tipped needles towards her target.

Tayuya's Flute

flute is used by the Sound ninja Tayuya. The flute allows her to
control the Doki she summons, she can also use the flute to cast
illusion spells to confuse her opponent.

TenTen's Summoned Weapons

she does not appear to carry many weapons, TenTen uses several scrolls
containing many weapons she can throw with deadly accuracy. By being
able to summon kunai, shuriken and other edged weapons whenever she
wants, TenTen can pose a serious problem to any enemy she faces. These
weapons include such things as Bakuretsu no Yaiba (Exploding Blades),
which is a spiked bomb which explodes blades upon impact.

Temari's Kyodai Sensu (Gigantic Fan)

carries this large fan on her back. When needed, the fan can unfold and
create a large cyclonic wind. Temari is able to imbue her chakra into
the wind, which allows her to hold the victim as the wind slices them
to pieces.

Temari also utilizes her fan when she wishes to
summon. She unfolds her fan, spreads her blood on the fan and with a
quick swing her summon arrives in the air to carry out a slicing attack
with the wind.

Uchiha Clan Sharingan Windmill Triple Blade

unique technique to the Uchiha clan, the Sharingan Windmill Triple
Blade utilizes multiple large shuriken with wire attached. Hurled
through the air the clan member can control the direction of the
shuriken to have it encircle the opponent with the wire to restrain
them. Having the upper hand, the clan member can then attack the
restrained opponent with another ranged jutsu. In Sasuke's case, he
used this technique in conjunction with a fire technique, incinerating
his opponent.

Zaku's Air Vents

Sound Genin Zaku has had his arms modified to contain air vents. When
used in conjunction with jutsu techniques, Zaku can control supersonic
waves and air pressure. This allows him to release massive gusts of air
at his opponent. The gust is so strong that it can even destroy rock.

Staff And Spears
Chouza's Staff

Chouza has the ability to alter the size of his body at will. Chouza
utilizes a personal staff weapon that has the ability to grow in size
as he does.

Enma Kongou-Nyo Form

Monkey Enma, one of the personal summons of the Third Hokage, has the
ability to transform into a Kongou-Nyo (diamond hard staff) weapon. In
this form he can extend himself to varying lengths. While in the staff
form he can also partially transform back into his normal form,
allowing him to open an eye to view the situation or extend an arm to
grapple with a foe.

Gamaken's Staff and Shield

Giant toad summon Gamaken wields a large forked sasumata-like staff and shield combo.
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Weapons Guide
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