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 Clan Seals

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PostSubject: Clan Seals   Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:58 pm

These are the Clan seals that members learn to use from their clan symbol.
(If anyone has any seals that they would like to have me add to the clan seals then pm them to me please.)

Miyuki Seal's - level 1
(These must be master at level 1 before learning any other seals)

  • Miyuki Seal 1: Miyuki Wrap; This seal will send chakra strings wrapping around the opponent. This will temporary stop all movement of the opponent if done correctly.
  • Miyuki Seal 2: Thunder Impulse; A lightning voltwave is summoned, shooting towards the opponent. If hit, the opponent is shocked badly enough that he/she is unable to hold a weapon.
  • Miyuki Seal 3:
  • Miyuki Seal 4:
  • Miyuki Seal 5: Closing of the wounds; A healing seal that will let small wounds of the user to be heal. Larger wounds would have to have the attention of a medical ninja.
  • Miyuki Seal 6: Elemental Boost; This seal offers the user to boost an attack or jutsu with any basic element of his choose or any element he has already mastered with a Non-elemental attack or to strengthen another elemental attack.

Miyuki Seal's - level 2
(The intermidate seals of the clan, these may be use after level 1 mastery of the seal's. Plus as well the third level of the clan seals may not be use till the end of the mastery of level 2 seals of the clan.)

  • Miyuki Seal 7: Earthen Destruction; This seal makes the user charge there fists with earthen aura and when slammed upon the floor it will either make a fissure or earth spikes rise up from the floor towards there opponent.
  • Miyuki Seal 8: Eerie Sound wave; A sonic boom is sent outward from where the user is standing. The soundwave causes horrible headaches, ringing in the ears, and the equilibrium can be messed up, throwing off the center of balance of anyone caught in the wave.
  • Miyuki Seal 9: Blooming Poison; Small, pink flowers grow all around the opponent. Then, they bloom. When they bloom they shoot hundreds of small needles covered in a paralyzing poison at the enemy. The opponent will have the chance to jump out of the way, if they have the strength to whenever the user uses this move.
  • Miyuki Seal 10: Echo; The user vanishes, and rose petals swarm around the enemy. The enemy then hears echoes of their opponent’s voice.. no. It sounds like a small child laughing. Then without warning, small cuts appear all over the enemy’s body. The cuts become deeper as the echoes of laughing become stronger and louder.
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Clan Seals
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