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 Clan history

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PostSubject: Clan history   Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:24 pm

Some 300 years ago, there was a clan call the Miyuki. The Miyuki's was a very hidden clan that existed in the Kumo village. The clan was first founded by a unknown person who stay very hidden till death. Not many people knew it back in the first days of it existed, there were really only a limited of number of members in it back then when it first existed. The limited number of the members where the ones that inherited the clan bloodline past down to each other. The bloodline of the clan was the famous Miyuki's eye.

The Miyuki eye bloodline re-semble a bloodline that made their main element in advance techniques and had them grow stronger. The Miyuki Clan as well had seals, ten of them to be known, the others still a mystery. These seals were only given to members of the clan allowing them to use them to protect them. Then a great war came about, which end up killing mostly all of the members except for 2, who became known to past down the new heir of the clan. The new heir of the clan was Ayame Miyuki, who took up the family name at the young age, 11.

In the present time of the clan, Miyuki was known as the clan leader right now at the moment. Others are possibly hiding away that are apart of the clan, but lost and long gone not known. She was searching for members to join the clan and she was trying to make the clan known for its name. She was as well searching for teachers to teach the young, new clan members during this time. The Elements known in the clan was:

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Posts : 86
Join date : 2009-11-13
Location : Miyuki base

PostSubject: Re: Clan history   Mon Nov 30, 2009 9:57 pm

  • Main branch: These are the ones who have the miyuki blood flowing through them or invited in the main branch by the clan leader. There was only one original member of this clan existing in here, Ayame Miyuki. The other members were either invited to join the main branch and given a Miyuki Blood Transplant or was discover as long lost members of the clan that are related to the clan leader. Plus they are the ones with the main knowledge of being able to get the bloodline of the clan. (30 main branch members allow in.)

  • Side branch: These are the members who does not have the blood of the Miyuki flowing through them or were invited to join the side branch. These ones mostly focuses on using their element and weapon of the clan that was given to them from the clan leader or their teacher. These members will be strong like the main branch except they will have a harder time to gaining the bloodline with the Miyuki blood not flowing through them. These members were not required to take up the clan name.

  • A test was given to those who were wanting to join the clan. If they were found to be a strong reflection and good leadership they were given a spot of teaching to the young ninjas of the clan and sorted into the main branch. This was amoutically done for the ones with Miyuki blood flowing through them (Ask the clan leader first) If they were found weaker and did not have the miyuki blood or didn't want a transplant of the blood into them they were sorted in the side branch. With given a weapon and a element to train.
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Clan history
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