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 Kunshagan Eye (Bloodlines First Stage)

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Surpentheon Yaru

Surpentheon Yaru

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PostSubject: Kunshagan Eye (Bloodlines First Stage)   Sun Nov 22, 2009 8:45 pm


Powers: The Kunshagan bloodline can only copy ninjutsus of their elements. On top of that, the bloodline automatically gifts all who possess it with the lightning element. This gives them one additional element ontop of their others. They can instantly use a jutsu after seeing them once. But they have to fall within the users elemental range. (A water and wind user cannot copy a jutsu of the Fire element since it is not of his elemental range.) It unlocks powerful jutsus specific only to the bloodline as well. Another added ability, is additional chakra supply and comatosis stare.

Since the Clan users are mostly ninjutsu, they have an extremely large chakra pool. This makes them a formidable opponent even in long battles. The comatosis stare is also unique to their bloodline. Like the Uchiha Clans, this ability is activated through locking of eyes. But it's not a genjutsu at all.

The Comatosis stare allows the user of Kunshagan Eye to put any person they lock eyes with into a coma-like state. This naturally only works on normal ninjas. Those with an Eye Bloodline are immune to this ability. But the up side to this, is hypnosis and genjutsus don't work on the Kunshagan users at all. This also means that they can't use genjutsus either.

The draw back to comatosis stare is very dangerous though. The longer the user places their opponent into the coma-like state, the more damage they do to their eyes. Like the Mangekyo, when used, the comatosis stare causes blindness. Not permanent, just an immediate temperary blindness. The user of the stare goes blind for half the time they place a person in a coma. This makes any jutsus that need the eye impossible to use. The smallest amount of time a Kunshagan can place a person in a coma for is and hour. That means the smallest amount of time the person will be blind is thirty minutes.

The user also has the power to see through solid objects as well as read chakra and see chakra points. They do not have 360 vision, but their reaction time is abnormally high. This in turn makes them appear to have 360 vision and mind reading abilities. Either way, the user is limited to what his eyes can actually look at.

Limits: The Limits of the Kunshagan Eye are that the wielder, they can't use Genjutsus at all. This limits their fighting style even more than other shinobi. They also can't copy jutsus that aren't of their own elements. They can't see 360 degrees around them, and they go blind after using the Comatosis stare.
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Kunshagan Eye (Bloodlines First Stage)
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